What I Watched on TV in October

Halloween season is sadly over. As we move on to the next month, here's my recap of what I've been watching on the small screen.

House of the Dragon -
God, it feels good to love something from Game of Thrones again. I really enjoyed this season. The finale was powerful and I hate that we have to wait until 2024 to get the next season. Can HBO fast track this thing?

Rings of Power -
I had to laugh at who actually ended up being Sauron. Maybe it wasn't a mystery for those who read the books, but I haven't yet dove into them so of course it happened to be 1/2 of a couple I was shipping. I'm looking forward to the next season of this as well. It's not as strong as House of the Dragon, some stories were just dull, but I'm really excited to see where it goes.

The Patient -
I finished this mini series on Hulu and boy that ending...We're divided in House Rambling here. I didn't mind it. I expected something bleak. My husband flat out hated it and said it made him feel like he wasted his time. I think this show is going to end up very divisive because of that final episode. If you've watched it, I'd love to hear what you think.

The Handmaid's Tale -
I didn't realize how much I needed June and Serena to share scenes again. The actresses are incredible together. I can't wait to see where the rest of this season goes, even though I know it will probably be misery.

Andor -
I'm super bummed Alex Lawther's character isn't in this longer. I ended up going back to Rogue One to watch it again just to see where Casian ends up. I love the mundane parts of this show. The parts where they show the Imperial officers just doing their 9-5. It's a nice break from the Skywalker Saga. 

She-Hulk -
I wish I was smashing Matt Murdock. 

Reservation Dogs -
I started watching this at the beginning of the month but haven't circled back to it. It's still very funny, but work and other shows just took up most of my time.

Dahmer -
Another one I'm slowly but surely making my way through. I will say the later episodes are much better than the early ones. I'd more interested in the trial and how the police failed everyone involved by ignoring the calls for concern for Dahmer then I am watching a recreation of his murders.

The White Lotus -
As of this writing, only the first episode has aired so it's not a ton to go off of. My girlfriend Alexandra Daddario isn't back, so that's a minus. That dick though....that dick was the STAR.


  1. I'm loving Andor as I love its slow-burn approach. I also love She-Hulk as I hope to see more of her and her friends in whatever films/TV projects of the MCU that is coming. Most likely a cameo on Daredevil. I haven't seen the new season of White Lotus though I am excited for Aubrey Plaza in appearing in Agatha: Coven of Chaos as we could get a reunion with her and Elizabeth Olsen?

    I have no interest in Dahmer but then again, I think Ryan Murphy is a piece of shit. Man, fuck Warner Discovery for cancelling Westworld.

    1. Yes! I love that Aubrey will be in Agatha. I'm looking forward to that. I'm sad about Westworld being cancelled. They only needed one more season.

  2. I have not seen any of these. I wouldn’t mind seeing LOTR one but I am curious who plays Sauron. I have to look it up. I never cared about watching The Handmaid’s Tale and I don’t want to see the one on Dahmer as that person deserves hell, nothing else. I don’t know why I think of him as the most vile compared to other hideous killers...no clue.

    1. Dahmer absolutely deserves hell. Peters was so good at playing him though, it made the scene when he gets beaten to death very pleasing to watch.


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