10 Times I Looked Back on Animated Movies/TV I Loved as a Child

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It's hard to explain this particular post. I wanted to talk about animated shows I watched as a kid and how differently I see them as an adult. In some cases, I still see them the same way.

10 Times I Looked Back on Animated Movies/TV I Loved as a Child

1)David The Gnome
This was seriously "my show" as a kid. I watched it all the time. Looking back, it was only on for two seasons, but I swear I watched it for years. I must have been watching a lot of re-runs. I actually still remember a preview for an episode I never saw. It had David pulling a bullet (or something like it) out of a hurt deer. There was a little blood, and I always saw the preview but never the actual episode. I think I'll be heading over to Youtube after I'm done here..

2) Sleeping Beauty
Aurora was and still is my favorite Disney princess to this day. Which is kind of funny considering she doesn't even talk for the 2nd half of the movie

3) The Littl' Bits
This was another TV show I watched all of the time as a kid. I thought I had gone crazy for awhile because NO ONE seemed to remember this show. Eventually I got fed up and searched it online and found out it was actually a dub of a Japanese cartoon. This WAS on Nick Jr! I swear!

4) The Secret of NIMH
I always enjoyed this film as a child because it felt different than all of the other cartoons I watched. It's a darker cartoon, and that's probably why I still enjoy it today. I remember getting the sequel for Christmas - Timmy to the Rescue, and they turned it into a musical. When my family and I watched it together we were all pretty appalled. That was horrible.

5) Rocko's Modern Life
I thought this show was hilarious when I was a kid. I think it's hilarious for a lot of different reasons now. This show is so dirty! How did they get away with this on Nickelodeon? The Big Heads? The restaurant they go to is the Chokey Chicken? Rocko works as a phone sex operator in one episode? This shit is crazy. In retrospect, my parent's wouldn't let me watch Ren and Stimpy because it was "too dirty." I'm glad they weren't really paying attention to this one.

6) Fantasia
Fantasia is a movie that I really wish I owned on DVD. My kid would love this. Looking back, I always watched this movie in steps. The last part of it scared me when I was young, and I slowly started watching more and more of it as I grew older. Eventually, it didn't freak me out at all. It's funny to think of that now. Watching the movie in baby steps because the demons were frightening.

7) The Hunchback of Notre Dame
This movie has a silly place in my heart. I remember when I saw it in theaters, I had won a free "Kiddie Combo." You see them everywhere now, but they didn't really have them at my theater back then. So to get a little Hunchback box with popcorn, candy, and a soda in it was just really cool to me. It was the first time I had one. That makes me sound really old - I'm only 25. My theater just sucked.

8) Hercules
I actually have a CD with some of the songs that the Muses' sang in this movie. I loved them so much. This was really cool for me, because it got me really interested in Greek Mythology. When it came time for me to actually learn about that in class, I essentially schooled everyone in trivia because I had read so many stories about it. All because of Hercules

9) BeBe's Kids
I swear this movie was on TV EVERY TIME I stayed home sick from school. No matter what the year. This movie is so freaking ridiculous, but I still kept watching it whenever it was on. I remember being bummed about HBO being taken off our cable network because that was the channel that always played it.

10) The Lion King
When I talk about watching a movie and feeling the same way I did as a child, The Lion King always comes to mind. This is just a great movie, no matter what age. The songs were perfect and catchy, the characters were funny, it actually showed us a death on screen. (a first that I can remember at the time it came out, anyways) It really was just an envelope pushing feature for Disney at the time. I even enjoyed the sequel. Even though Simba had a daughter and I remember having a Lion King Book that specifically said Simba had a son. Continuity? Whatever.


  1. Rocko's. Modern. Life.

    Wow, that just took me back. I loved that show.

  2. Ah, The Lion King. I think that was the first movie I saw in theaters. I had that Lion King book too, and I always wondered why the sequel changed Simba's son to a daughter.

  3. Sleeping Beauty was the first movie I ever saw. I also saw and loved Fantasia when I was quite small. Great memories!


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