Rambling TV 4/8-4/14

This is my week in TV..

Game of Thrones

*So I never thought I'd feel so emotional about Hot Pie staying behind and no longer traveling with Arya and Gendry. In the books I was just like "meh." But the show made it really sweet.

*Riverrun made it into the map!  Yay! And they kept Edmure messing up and Blackfish having to come in and take care of business.

*Since we're talking about Riverrun, the conversation between Robb and Blackfish reminded me of something: I'm still annoyed that they re-casted the guy that played The Mountain after season one. The first guy looked so much more intimidating.

*Next week's episode is going to be SO AWESOME for Dany. This is hands down my favorite Dany moment in the books. (Aside from her coming out of the fire with dragons, of course)

*Normally I hate the brothel scenes in Game of Thrones. I think they are just filler and totally unnecessary, but I have to stand behind the one with Podrick this week. That was hilarious.

*Also Tyrion and Cersei moving the chairs at the small council meeting was pretty golden as well.

*JAIME AND BRIENNE!! I'm surprised at the angle they used when cutting off Jaime's hand. That's a bold move. They either used a different shot for the trailer, or that is Jaime screaming about something else. I can't tell yet. This particular scene did lead to a pretty interesting argument with my husband. (Seriously, the only things we usually argue about are our Netflix queue and our kid's car seat placement) I swore Jaime yelled "Sapphires!" to distract the men, then proceeded to tell them the story of Tarth. He thought I was wrong. Then I proceeded to get the book out to prove my damn point. After searching through it for several minutes (I got caught up reading one of Sansa's chapters, plus my Nyquil was kicking in. I have a terrible cold right now) I found what I was looking for only to find out that I was totally wrong. He yells Sapphires at a different point in the book. Damn.

*The plot thickens for Theon. I can't wait to see the big reveal. One thing about his plot is a perfect example of a major problem I had with the books: Why is nearly every dude in Westeros a rapist?

*Why the hell is Ghost with the Nights Watch and not with Jon Snow? He's supposed to protect him.

*The final scene cutting straight into a modern band singing "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" was something straight out of True Blood. I loved it. True Blood is awesome at having a jaw dropping last scene, then kicking it in the music right afterwards.

Monday Night Raw

*Post WrestleMania crowds are always the best, and this crowd from East Rutherford, New Jersey was probably one of the best I've ever seen. So many great chants. Singing Fandango's entrance theme was great. I really hope that sticks.

The Big Bang Theory

*I'd love to talk about The Big Bang Theory, but I can't, because it wasn't on this week. This show has the most inconsistent schedule I have ever seen. I love BBT, I do, but they are lucky that they don't have quality writing like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones, or else people would start hating them for their shit schedule.

The Nerdist

*I watched Chris Hardwick's new show on BBC America. I appreciate the guy, he knows a lot about pop culture, plus he had John Hamm from Mad Men and Betsy Brandt from Breaking Bad on the show. I just wish they would've did without the little skits by his co-hosts. (or whatever they are supposed to be)  The show felt really long.


  1. Well, I guess now Jamie will never be... THE KING'S HAND! (wokka wokka)

  2. Game of Thrones had one hell of an episode this week. So much happened, and you listed all of those things quite perfectly.

    Poderick's brothel scene, and the ensuing scene with Tyrion and Bronn were nothing short of hilarious. This is what makes this show so great. They have softened the characters to a great extent, and made them easier to sympathize with.

    I can't wait for the next episode. Dany's story is really going places. She had taken a backseat in season 2, when the war was coming! And Theon's story was a bit of a surprise. Who the hell is that guy? And I echo your feeling...why is every man in Westeros a rapist (except the Starks, of course!)

    1. Right? When I make a mental list of guys that probably wouldn't be rapists, all of the Starks come to mind. And that's about it. Maybe Renly.

  3. I really disliked the brothel scene and the placement of the song....just didn't sit right with me.

    Jaime screaming in trailers is from the scene where they are cutting off rotten flesh in Harrenhal, I think.

    1. I bet you're right. HBO sure likes to tease us all.

    2. Hell, that shot of the ship probably made people think Dany is sailing to Westeros. Oh, you poor, naive bastards.

    3. Ha! If she even starts sailing to Westeros by the end of book 6, I'll be surprised.

  4. Not having read the books I was completely shocked when he lost his hand. Just when they were making me a wee bit sympathetic toward the king Slayer too.

    I hate moving the car seat. :-)

    1. Of all the stress that comes with a baby, I think most of it has come from the damn car seat.

      I had a total 180 with Jaime's character in the books. I hated him to begin with, now he's one of my favorites. It's funny how those things work out.


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