Indie Gems: For A Good Time, Call...

Lauren (Lauren Miller) just got dumped by her long time boyfriend, and let go from her job. Her friend, Jesse (Justin Long) sets her up to live with his mutual friend, Katie. (Ari Graynor) Lauren and Katie had a pretty bad run-in in college, so they are reluctant to live together at first. When Lauren finds out one of Katie's jobs is a phone sex operator, they decide to make a business out of it.
I don't really care for chick flicks or girly movies, but I have to say I really enjoyed this one. It's VERY girly, and very raunchy. Some of the dialogue might be a bit extreme, but I thought it worked. There were plenty of great little cameos here and there. (Seth Rogan, for example. His wife wrote and starred in this film) The plot is very predictable, and Lauren Miller, while a great writer, still felt very green to watch on screen. Luckily the always wonderful Ari Graynor steals the show. I'm afraid she gets typecast a lot as the drunken, loud mouth party girl, but she does it well.
In a house surrounded by boys, I think I needed this little chick flick for a Sunday afternoon. It is a nice change from what I'm used to watching.
Grade: A-
Memorable Quote: "It's ok, I do this all the time." - Katie (Ari Graynor)


  1. For some reason, Seth Rogan manages to always stay likeable. If I ever get over my fear of chick flicks, I'll definitely have a look at this one. Though your review... might just watch it ASAP.

    1. It's definitely worth your time. I tend to like vulgar comedies the most, and I think that's what made me like this one so much. It's pretty vulgar when most chick flicks are not.

  2. Success! Damn...almost a year to the day!

    We need to spread the word in this one. Our at least force Elina to watch it. I mean, she's had A YEAR.

    1. Yes, we do. This is easily one of the better chick flicks out there.


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