Rambling TV: Weekly Round up 4/2-4/7

These are my random thoughts on all of the TV shows I watched within the last week:

Game of Thrones
*The season premiere should've been two hours, since this episode was essentially "season premiere part 2."

*JAIME AND BRIENNE SCENES!!! I seriously love these two so much, every scene of them this season will be golden.

*Thank you Gendry, for asking Arya why she didn't choose her three deaths more wisely. I'm glad to see these two again as well. They are also two of my favorite characters. Although, I'm disappointed Gendry was kind of cowering behind Arya. In the books he protects her.

*I really enjoyed that added scene with Catelyn talking about Jon Snow being ill. Her character definitely needed sympathy points.

*Bran grew up so much in between seasons that it's pretty hilarious to watch his scenes now. Rickon seems liked he grew several inches as well.

*I loved the introduction of Lady Ollena. That whole scene with Sansa and Margaery was perfect.

*Jack Gleeson killed it as King Joffrey, as usual. Can we get this kid an Emmy nom? Can you name a more hated character on TV than him?

*Speaking of hated characters: Theon made his first appearance this season. We book readers all know who that boy helping him is going to turn into. He looks like how I pictured him, but he doesn't sound like it. Maybe if they actually get into the "reek" story, it will be better. I guess I always imagined his voice would be more cunning.

The Big Bang Theory
*Apparently, not only is Sheldon socially awkward, but he's also borderline racist. As funny as some of those scenes were, I felt it was a little out of character.

*The mother jokes were pretty damn funny. I'll give them that.

*I really hope they wrap up this "Raj can't talk to women unless he's drunk" bullshit. I've hated it since season 1. It's time to get rid of it.

*I also hope they stop butchering Penny's character. I like Penny. She could easily be a complete stereotype of a character, but Kaley Cuoco plays her so well that it's easy to see why people would be friends with her. That being said, Penny is the only character who never gets to succeed in her field of work. They are constantly dumbing her down. (It's obvious she's not as smart as the boys, but then they take away all of her old friends and give her two genius girl friends?) It's not fair. I want Penny to get a good acting job in the season finale.

*Also, I wish I had Penny's boobs.

Hoarders/Hoarding: Buried Alive
*I think I'm starting to get addicted to this show. There were 4 episodes on in a row and I watched them all.

*I still want to punch so many people in the face when watching this show.

*I'm also surprised some people just don't burn the house to the ground and start over. God bless these cleaning crews.

My Crazy Obsession/My Strange Addiction/Extreme Cheapskates/Extreme Couponing
*More curious shows I've been watching on TLC while I make dinner.

*Some of the things on My Strange Addiction should be put on My Crazy Obsession instead. Addiction to me is more about what you're putting your body through. You can be obsessed with your stuffed lamb toy, but can you be addicted to it? You're not eating it, shooting it into your blood stream, or rubbing it all over yourself.

*Extreme Couponing is fucking fascinating. I don't agree with these gigantic "stock piles" they have, but saving money is always a good thing. I tend to always have coupons on me after having a kid. (They are so fucking expensive, you guys!)

*I would hate to be the cashier that has to check these people out though. And the people that are stuck in line behind them.

*Fun fact, while I was at the grocery store not too long ago, I was trying to decide which box of cake mix I should by. I was staring at the both, comparing. Then, an extreme couponer with a big bass binder full of coupons walks by and gives me one of her coupons to make my decision easier. That was so nice.

*Extreme cheapskates is kind of disgusting. Serving up road kill, washing your clothes in the shower, while you are showering to save money. Not using toilet paper. Ew.

*Although, one episode where the mother would only take her daughter to thrift shops to buy clothes, her daughter's little friend had more make up on her face than most people do on the red carpet. And she was like 12. Holy shit. I love make up just as much as the next girl, but I never pile it on like that. I didn't wear it when I was 12 either.

*That college basketball sketch was hysterical. I loved when she was shooting the t-shirt gun at them.



  1. I saw in new Characters video that Olenna will have a scene with Tywin. This is going to be so EPIC!


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