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This was my week in TV..
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Game of Thrones

*So many awesome things on Game of Thrones this week. Where do I begin?

*I'll start with Dany doing her best Breaking Bad impression by letting the slaver owner know that she speaks high Valaryian, bitch! And she is Danaerys Stormborn of House Targaryen and SHE is the one who knocks! Seriously, I loved that last scene so fucking much.

*Especially the look on Jorah's face when he realizes she has a plan.

*The men of the Nights Watch gave us a perfect example of when keeping it real goes wrong at Craster's Keep. Personally, I'm just glad they left out all the raping that went on in the books.

*JAIME AND BRIENNE! We didn't get "SAPPHIRES!" (I'll still hold out for that one) but we did get some good moments between the two. I try not to get nick picky with the books, because I tend to prefer the show more, but I was kind of hoping that Jaime and Brienne's scene about Jaime dying would've been word for word. It wasn't.

*Did I mention how much I love Arya and Gendry together? In the future of course. I know GRRM likes to shit all over everything happy, but I kind of hope they find each other at the end of all this. I think I deserve a somewhat happy ending for some of my favorite characters after the emotional rollercoaster GRRM has already put me through. I liked the scenes with the Brotherhood, and I look forward to the fight between The Hound and Beric next week.

*Although I'm a little sad that Robb Stark wasn't in this episode. Can we talk about how hot Richard Madden is?

And Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
And Joe Dempsie

*Sophie Turner was awesome tonight. The look on her face when Margaery said they would be sisters was perfect. It reminded me of a line in Storm of Swords that made me sad, and it was when Sansa said "Arya had always been inadequate as a sister." Margaery was the sister she wanted all along.

*Lady Olenna is such a bitch. I love her. She's just fierce.

*Speaking of fierce, that was an interesting thing they added in for Varys. Personally, I think they're just looking for excuses to keep Tyrion in every episode since he's their sole acting Emmy Winner/Nominee.

*Tywin Lannister is such a fucking boss. Him calling Cersei out on her stupidity was perfect. Got to hand it to Lena Heady too, Cersei is slowly loosing her shit because of Margaery.

*Is anyone else as concerned as I am about the way Jojen is staring at Bran? Did someone check this kid to make sure he doesn't have 666 branded on the back of his head?

* Theon's little speech made me feel so sorry for him. I can't quite forgive Theon for all of his fuck ups, but boy do I feel bad for him. I'm actually kind of dreading seeing Ramsey develop as a character.


I watch a shit load of Chopped. Seriously, when I was pregnant, watching Chopped actually made me nauseous, so I had to stop watching for a few weeks and it was HORRIBLE. In fact, I watch so much Chopped that I feel I'm qualified to give you a little advice if you ever end up on this show:
* Don't use Truffle Oil.
* Don't tell Zakarian how to eat his food.
* Don't service Scott Conant onions.
* Don't under cook your pasta.
* Do use bacon.
* Do use chocolate when Frietag is judging.
* Use the ice cream machine, in fact, you better haul ass to that machine because everyone wants to use that.
* Don't be a dick and hide the mandoline.

Anywho, the reason I bring up Chopped was because I happened to watch an episode this week where the viewer's got to pick the basket ingredients, and one of the chefs actually threw a mini bitch fit over being on the "viewer's choice" episode. I wish I could remember this girl's name, because I've never been so happy when someone got chopped. Seriously, you're a fucking chef. If you want to impress, quit your bitching, and cook your fucking can of chicken.

Hoarding: Buried Alive

Yes, go ahead and laugh at me for watching this, but I watched an episode called "Patty and Phyllis" they are twins who's hoarding got so bad they had the potential for a ridiculous amount of diseases being in their home. I would like someone to explain to me how they managed to work at a bakery for 34 years before getting fired for their clothes not being clean enough? And how did they manage to afford not one, not two, but THREE houses? Seriously, what am I missing here? How can you even get a mortgage if you've had to have two houses previously torn down due to your hoarding?

American History X

I re-watched this movie this week, it's such a powerful film. I still think this is the best performance of Edward Norton's career. I'm suddenly in the mood to go watch more Norton movies.


Another film I re-watched this weekend. Bully is quite extraordinary. It manages to still be a good film despite the terrible dialogue and amateur directing. Yes, I called it amateur. Larry Clark loves him some sex, and the majority of the nudity and creeper style camera angles were completely unnecessary. Yet it all seems to fit this story about trashy teens in southern Florida.


  1. Oh yeah that look on Jorah's face - fantastic. Emilia Clarke really stepped up her game, she was badass in that ending. Shame Daenerys will regress insanely fast in future season.

    Oh...that Richard Madden gif! He looks hot in the promo for next one.

    1. Oh yes he does! Yeah, her storyline goes downhill pretty fast, but I'm hoping it picks up in Winds of Winter. Her last chapter is ADWD has a ton of potential with the way it ended.

  2. Looking forward to GOT tonight ... that hour just flies by. Can't believe they have got me feeling sympathy for the King Slayer. Did you Coster-Waldau in Oblivion? Wish he had more screen time and Cruise had a lot less.

    1. I'm actually going to skip Oblivion, Alex told me that he's only in it for 5 minutes, and that's not enough for me. I did a total 180 on Jaime in the books. I hated him until I got to read from his point of view, now he's one of my favorites.


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