Rambling TV: The Walking Dead/Game of Thrones

This is something new I'm going to try. All of my favorite shows are on Sunday nights. So every Monday, I'm going to do a quick write up on my shows. It won't be a full blown review, just quick notes on what happened.

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones certainly knows how to get things rolling. Aside from Arya, Jaime, and Brienne missing, there's not a bad thing I can say about this episode.
*We get to see Dani's dragons in action, and she gets to Astaphor. (I'm super excited about this because we will eventually get a total badass Dany moment out of this)
*Sansa, despite being a prisoner at Kings Landing still finds time to play an amusingly bitchy game while Littlefinger Pervs on her and sets his plan in motion.
*Tyrion and Tywin have a great exchange, and if you were starting to like Tywin you have probably stopped.
*Margaery Tyrell is beautiful and perfect and has no problem making the people of Flea Bottom fall in love with her as she speaks with orphans and gives them toys. This lead to a great scene with Joffrey and Cersei were you can tell Cersei is getting pissed that someone is going to have more influence on Joffrey than her.
*Jon Snow's one facial expression was actually perfect for the scene when he saw a giant for the first time.
*Davos is still upset with Stannis' BFF Mesliandre. Davos is a character who chapter's I didn't really care for in the books, despite some pretty important shit happening in them. But he's slowly growing on me more and more.
The Walking Dead
* I was totally off on a few of my death predictions. (Thank God)
*Andrea is dead! I didn't think they would have the balls to kill her off, but I'm glad they did. There was no way she could've redeemed herself after all of the stupid decisions she made all season. Her last few words were sweet, and she tried to explain herself, but I would've been happier if she would've just said: "I'm an idiot."
* Last week I pondered after reading an interview with Norman Reedus about The Governor's character getting even crazier. I thought; "He has a torture chamber, he's probably a rapist, and he bit someone's fingers off." "How much more crazier could he get?" Oh, he could just shoot all of the people that were helping him 10 minutes earlier. Then awkwardly drive off with his two remaining followers. He'll be back.
* Carl is slowly becoming a sociopath. I'm kind of surprised Rick hasn't tried to give him an ass-whooping yet or something. His character could go to some seriously dark places.
*There was a little moment between Daryl and Carol that was sweet. Awww
*Maybe there was a little moment between Rick and Michonne too? hmmmm
*Wait, they took everyone back to the prison? Wouldn't Woodbury have been a better choice? I mean, it's not crawling with walkers like the prison is. (and those sirens probably attracted a shitload of them) I'm pretty sure people were growing vegetables in Woodbury, they had a TON of guns there, why leave it? They could totally hold off the Governor there.  That didn't make a lot of sense to me. Sure the prison itself is more secure, but Woodbury would've been the more comfortable choice.
* The ending surprised me, I didn't expect Rick to take all of those people in, but as far as season finales go, this was pretty weak. It was hyped up to be an all out war, when really it was 10 minutes of shooting, 20 minutes of Andrea trying to free herself from handcuffs while STOPPING TO TALK TO MILTON. Seriously? you can't talk and work on those cuffs at the same time? and 20 minutes of regular Walking Dead.
* I look forward to October and what it will bring, but until then, I'm going to waste my time with my favorite Walking Dead meme. Stuff and Things!

Credits to the wonderful artists on Tumblr are below each picture.

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  1. STUFF AND THINGS!!! Haha, Stannis's BFF Melisandre :) I loved Dilane's expressions here - http://littlesati.tumblr.com/post/46844598178/aegontargaryen-based-on-this-post-x-what :)

  2. LOL i LIVE for these gif files! andrew lincoln is kind of a hottie, yes? lol. i have never seen game of thrones, but i liked the walking dead finale. i just thought it needed more daryl, and a merle resolution.

    1. Yes! Andrew Lincoln is definitely a good looking fellow. I could always use more Daryl/Merle too. Hopefully his death will be a major topic for Daryl next season.


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