Rambling TV 4/22-4/28 (The "I have too many feelings" edition)

This is how my week in TV went...

Game of Thrones

*Arya and Gendry - THEY ARE SO FUCKING ADORABLE, YOU GUYS! That scene when she says "I could be your family" and he replies "You wouldn't be my family. You'd be M'Lady." I wanted to cry like a 14 year old girl. There are no fairy tail endings (so far) in the Song of Ice and Fire universe, but one thing that I really hope for, is for these two to be together at the end of it all. I won't spoil where they are at for non book readers, but I would love that. I mean, after all, Robert Baratheon told Ned Stark "I have a son, you have a daughter, let's join our houses." Why can't it be about those two?

*The Hound and Beric's fight was awesome, and I'm really glad they showed Beric reanimating. (can I call it that? Or is that too Walking Dead?)

*THE BATH SCENE - The motherfucking bath scene. God, it was perfect. I'm sure many people thought I was just being a perv, looking forward to this scene, but I swear it wasn't all about Nikolaj Coster-Waldau being naked. (although that is a plus) this is probably the most important scene for Jaime Lannister in the entire series. This scene says SO much and it really starts to build the relationship that Jaime and Brienne share. NCW fucking nailed it too. Give that guy an Emmy, I might actually root for him more than Aaron Paul in Breaking Bad, and I love me some Aaron Paul.

*Stannis' daughter Shireen being Davos' friend. This was kind of a change, but a welcomed one, in my opinion. It worked well. I was wondering when they'd show Stannis' wife and daughter, I could've done without the fetus' on the wall. It kind of reminded me of Village of the Damned.

* The Lord's Kiss - This was the first time in the series that Kit Harington's one facial expression was absolutely perfect.

*Tywin Lannister being a fucking boss, part II. Tywin putting his kids in their place was hilarious. He's such an evil dude, but I can't help but love him whenever he is on screen. Charles Dance just owns it. (just like that time he owned 50 Shades of Grey)

*Robb Stark had to make a tough decision this week. Thankfully, with his shirt slightly open. Richard Madden is so hot. I totally thought him and Talisa were going to have angry sex when he was showing her that map, but apparently the writers knew that fans can only handle so many feelings in one episode.

*Jaime getting his hand worked on was disgusting.

* I really enjoyed the scene with Dany talking to Grey Worm. Likewise with Jorah and Selmy.

*Peter Baelish is such a perv. I feel scared for Sansa every time she's in the same scene as him.

*We got a naked dude with Loras, but not a naked Robb? Yeah. That's fair.

*Shooting that scene with Lord Karstark from the Lannister Hostage's point of view was brilliant, and disturbing.


So, I've never really watched Veep, but it comes on after Game of Thrones. When last night's episode started, I was treated with the gem: "That means I have the bigger dick which mean he can suck it." from Julia Louis-Dreyfus. The rest of the episode was hysterical. I think I may give this show a go.

True Blood

*I re-watched a bit of True Blood this week. The first few episodes of season 1, and the Godric story arc in season 2. This is True Blood at it's best, I really hope this new season can re-capture this feeling, because season 5 was terrible. Season 5 of True Blood might actually be worse than Season 4 of Rescue Me, and that was a clusterfuck.

*Here's a couple things True Blood should do: 1) Less story lines 2) Kill Nora 3) Stop trying to make Jason/Jessica happen. 4) Make Eric/Sookie happen. 5) Alcide is only interesting when he's shirtless and part of Sookie's storyline. Don't give him his own. 6) More Godric flashbacks/Eric's visions. He's one of my favorite characters.


I also watched Dredd this week. I came into it about 20 minutes late so I don't feel that it justifies a full review from me, but it had some cool special effects. Since Lena Heady was the villain, I like to think of Dredd as what would happen if Cersei Lannister took control of the seven kingdoms, then smoked a bunch of crack.

Yo Gabba Gabba

This show needs to be on more often (or they need to add more seasons to Netflix) because my kid is obsessed with it and sometimes it's nice to relax and cuddle on the couch.

Twins Baseball

They aren't losing every game, so that's nice. Also I think they played Fandango's theme song during one of their games against the Rangers, and that's hilarious. WWE probably did a mental back flip.

The Big Bang Theory

Oh my God, there was actually a new episode on this past Thursday! Also apparently Sheldon can achieve an orgasm.

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  1. Yes, the lack of Robb's butt was really disappointing. I really hope it will happen soon, but yeah I don't think I would handle it with that open shirt, him taking Talisa's hand and that scene in the rain, oh God, it was all so good <333

    I really want Genry and Arya to be together too, whenever i see them I always think of that Robert's quote you included.

    Littlefinger keeps getting more and more creepy. Season 4 is going to be tough to watch.

    Tywin rules, but I hate him because of what he does in the future. I love how appalled Tyrion was, I hope they will feature some nice scenes where he comforts Sansa.

    1. I hope so too, I'm hoping they'll change Tyrion and Sansa's wedding night a bit, because Tyrion came off a little bit creepy in the book. I can't see show Tyrion acting that way. I hate Tywin's character too, but I love watching Charles Dance play him.

  2. You mention wanting to see Nikolaj Coster-Waldau naked as if it were a BAD thing. With the plethora of naked breasts we've seen in this series, it's not out of line to give us straight gals something to make us smile. That's all I'm sayin'.

    Looking forward to Season 3 when it comes out on DVD, it looks like it keeps getting better.


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