10 Times Movies/TV Have Made Me Grateful to be a Film Fan

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Well, this is the end of my 10 Series! Thanks for reading and sticking with me. I hope this all doesn't feel too redundant. These movies/TV shows spoke to me in different ways, it was hard to narrow it down. There's so many more. You don't necessarily have to be a huge movie fan to enjoy certain things, but sometimes I wonder if I would've noticed them had I not been obsessed with movies.

10 Times Movies/TV Have Made Me Grateful to be a Film Fan

1) All of American Beauty
Of course I had to start my list with my all time favorite movie. There is so much about American Beauty I love. "Its a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself." Is my all time favorite quote, and it comes from this film.

2) Adrien Brody carrying The Pianist
It's really a testimony for an actor to carry an entire film, and that's what Brody did here. The funny thing is, I wouldn't list him as one of my favorite actors, but the power he showed here was phenomenal. The scene of him walking down the street, crying after he's just escaped going to the camps is absolutely devastating.

3) The animation in WALL-E
WALL-E was the first animated film I ever looked at and admired just how far we've come in the field of animation. To think that we started off with Black and White Mickey Mouse cartoons and now have WALL-E and Eve floating through space with a fire extinguisher, and having it look so beautiful is amazing. My hat goes off to those artists. They do a great job.

4) The brutal honesty of Precious
Some may think I'm crazy for thinking of Precious as a movie I could watch more than once. Yes, it's hard to sit through, but it gets in your face with it's raw, brutal honesty.

5) Epic books becoming epic movies/TV shows.
Whenever a book gets adapted into a film, there's always going to be gripes, and the books are always going to be better. That being said, It's still cool to see someone's version of what went on in the books play across the screen. The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones specifically come to mind when I write this. I loved the books and the movies. I'm grateful for both.

6) Breaking Bad's season 2 opener.
Seven Thirty-Seven has to be the best hour of television I've ever seen in my life. Other shows can take note from this. Season one ended on a bit of a cliff hanger. Season 2 dove right in, had an explosive finale to season 1's conflict, and easily set up the conflict for season 2. This is the episode where I stopped just enjoying Breaking Bad and started LOVING it.

7) The opening credits of Game of Thrones
This is clever. Having the opening credits view all of the cities on the map that we will be in each episode. It really is an amazing sequence to watch, and it never gets old.

8) Merlotte's in True Blood
Merlotte's means a lot more to me than just a fictional diner in True Blood. It represents going back to the basics. Merlotte's was the first place we saw our characters in True Blood, and it's the one place they all feel at home. I never get sick of scenes in Merlotte's. In fact, after season 5 I kind of longed for more scenes there. It just shows that sometimes the best things are from the simplest set up. There's a lot of nostalgia factor here.

9) Heath Ledger's Joker
The late Heath Ledger brought to life one of the most iconic villains of all time. It's a performance that I don't think will ever be topped villain-wise. He was erratic, insane, and everything I could've wanted from The Joker. Even when he wasn't on screen, I thought about him the whole time.

10) Art Direction/Cinematography
There are so many things to appreciate when watching a film. Art Direction/Production Design and Cinematography are two of them. Pan's Labyrinth comes to mind. That film was absolutely mind blowing. Everything in it was so surreal. Many of Tim Burton's films always have a unique look to them. (Alice in Wonderland, Sweeney Todd) Sometimes even modern movies can be shot in a way that makes them extraordinary. (Inception) Or even a certain city can account for all of the beauty in a film. (Midnight in Paris) With There Will be Blood, they made the regular open plains actually look stunning.


  1. Cool post Brittani, American Beauty is an amazing film. Have you ever seen Brody in Wrecked? He carries that film as well.

    1. I have that in my instant queue, and I haven't got around to watching it yet. I probably should.

  2. Awesome list! Yey for GOT intro, that thing is just stunning to behold. I never fast forward through it.

    1. Yo Sati, Me too! The opening credits of GoT are very well done, especially the way they change when the settings change!

    2. I never fast forward through them either. I could watch them over and over.

  3. Great post! I love Art Direction/Cinematography. One of my favorites that wonderfully combines the two is Blade Runner. Love the look of that film.

  4. Awesome list!! And one of the most innovative lists I have come across in like...forever!

    I only disagree with Harry Potter becoming an epic movie series. The movies play like a highlight reel of the books (Not that the books were epic either)/ Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones have shown that nothing is unfilmable, if the director and producer have the right vision.

    And the Joker , of course, is a great cinematic moment all in himself! :-D

  5. Great post, girl. Completely agree with the love for American Beauty--it's one of those films so memorable that I find it impossible to top.

    And the Joker. He IS that movie. Such tremendous acting and what a transformation!


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