10 Times Movies/TV Have Made Me Laugh Inapprorpriately

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*Spoiler alerts*

We all have those moments when you totally laugh at something that wasn't meant to be laughed at. I tried to leave out parts from intentionally corny movies, but

1) The Horse in The Ring
I'm sure the desired reaction for this scene was: "Oh no! That poor horse!" Mine was to laugh for about 10 minutes straight. This was hysterical.

2) Eric ripping that guy's heart out on True Blood
Eric was "nice Eric" for most of season 4. When he finally gets his memory back, he reminds us why he's a badass. When somewhere dares to say "You have to get through me first." Eric rips the guy's heart out of his chest, then proceeds to drink from the valve like it's a mini capri sun. The reactions of Sookie, Jesus, and Lafayette were just the icing on this very hilarious cake.

3) "I have a brother!" scene from Kevin Costner's Robin Hood.
Whatever Kevin Costner was going for in Robin Hood, he failed miserably. But a perfect example of his failing was the scene where he finds out Will is actually his brother. Dear God, that was bad.

4) Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker in Attack of the Clones/Revenge of the Sith
There was a rumor that Leonardo DiCaprio would be playing Anakin when the new Star Wars movies were being made. My dad was like "Oh God no, anyone but him!" Well, the movie god's apparently heard my dad's prayer and were like "You think that would be bad? I give you Hayden Christensen." Every time he tried to say something emotional, it came out forced. Him confessing his love for Padme? Cringeworthy. Him yelling at Obi Wan for turning her against him? Hilarious. That shouldn't have been funny. That was a huge moment for Anakin's character and his lack of dramatic acting ruined it.

5) "It makes people kill themselves. Just when you thought there wasn't anymore evil that could be invented."
I love Zooey Deschanel, I do, but she was BAD in The Happening. It's not her fault. M. Night Shaymalan just has a way of getting good actors to give horrible performances. The thing that makes this even more awkward was when Zooey and Mark Wahlberg were on a talk show promoting this movie, and they played this scene, and the camera panned to Zooey who looked absolutely embarrassed by it.

6) "The clouds are moving towards the storm!"
There was this moment in War of the World's where Tom Cruise just loses it for a second and says "The clouds are moving towards the storm" with the most ridiculous face possible. It was a total "derp" moment if you will. It made me laugh. It was like he went out of character for a split second and delivered the line like he was an idiot.

7) "Get to the Chopper!"
This is a universal unintentionally hilarious moment in film. Arnold yelling in Predator. I would be willing to bet if everyone else made an identical list to mine, this scene would be on it 90% of the time.

8) Gyp Rosetti's sexcapades on Boardwalk Empire
Crazy mother fucker Gyp Rosetti WOULD be into some kinky shit in the bedroom. When we first saw Rosetti choking himself out with a belt, I laughed. But I quickly shut up with what happened after this scene. The walk down the hallway after this is pretty much Bobby Canavale's Emmy nomination.

9) Nic Cage punching that chick in The Wicker Man remake.
I laughed inappropriately during this entire movie. No matter what they say, none of this was meant to be funny. This was just a badly executed remake.

10) "Make me feel good!" - Monster's Ball
Halle Berry won an Oscar for saying this over and over during a sex scene. It would've been way more effective if they had left this line out. Instead, it was hilarious.


  1. The horse in The Ring... fuck, I wish that wasn't so damn funny.

    Your #8 is going to force me to pick that show back up. I shamefully fell out of it a while back.

    #9: Yes yes yes!

    1. Honestly, Boardwalk Empire is not as good as it used to be in my opinion. But Canavale was a really awesome villain.

  2. Haha!! Awesome list! Totally agree with the War of the Worlds scene. But then again, most of the movie was a laughfest...It's supposed to be a comedy, no?

    And as far as the No. 1 scene is concerened, I think it's extremely overrated. Halle Berry could have done way better!

  3. I gave up on True Blood after 5x01, maybe I shouldn't have it looks like it got ridiculous but perhaps finally in a hilarious way.

    I couldn't stop laughing whenever Cage punched a woman or woke up from a bad dream in Wicked Man. That whole movie was more hilarious than most comedies I've seen.

  4. Those scenes were BEGGING to be laughed at!!

    The horse in The Ring really took the edge off for a minute; Tom Cruise was doing great, and then that happened; Eric is at his badass best in that scene, I always think he's the perfect combo of scary and funny; I've tried for far too long to like Christensen, so I'll just say it -- he's not a good drama actor. There!

  5. HAHAHA - oh my god, I haven't seen The Ring (only the original) but I honestly have no desire to know, what the hell????
    GET TO THE CHOPPER!!! Who doesn't love a good Arnie quote? Anything from Batman and Robin is a winner/inappropriate laugh as well.

  6. Ha! Hayden Christensen and Nic Cage! 'Nuff said.


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