DVD Review: Compliance

What the actual fuck.. 
Compliance follows Sandra (Ann Dowd) a manager of the fast food restaurant Chickwich. She's already on edge due to an employee leaving the freezer door open and making $1500.00 worth of food go bad. So when a man calls in, claiming to be a police officer and accuses young Becky (Dreama Walker) of stealing, she agrees to help. Soon, poor Becky is put in a humiliating situation, with none of the employees actually doing anything about it.

Where to start? I don't want this to sound like a rant, I ranted enough on Twitter, but this movie was a chore to sit through. This was based on actual events. Yes, somewhere, there are people that are really this stupid. I tried to justify the actions, and at first I could. If someone called and said they were a cop and told me to question an employee, I probably would. When they asked me to start searching here is where I would draw the line. No one asks questions like "why aren't you here in person?" They just ask "When are you getting here?" There are several other employees who feel wrong about the situation, but they don't do anything until it's completely out of hand and Becky is essentially sexually assaulted. Even Becky herself, goes along with all of this. Yes, she argues, but she doesn't stick to saying no. Doesn't put her foot down. Doesn't tell every single person to fuck off and bring the police here. She's obviously terrified, but she's submissive when she should be defiant.

The thing about Compliance, is that it's actually very well acted. All of the actors play their parts perfectly. It's just the fact that this ACTUALLY happened more than 30 times. The cherry on top of this shit-sundae is that the guy that did all of this in reality, didn't get charged with anything because of lack of evidence. That really sucks. The manager in real life got about 1 million dollars from McDonald's for being a victim too. *face palm*

Compliance is probably an important film to watch. It shows what the society we live in is actually like. There really are people out there that lack this much common sense. I don't want to blame the victims of these cases, they must have been terrified, but man. This is the most aggravating movie I've ever sat through.

Recommended: No

Grade: N/A - Seriously, I don't know what to do. It's not like the movie is bad, I just didn't like the message, or the reality of it. The cast, for what they had to do were really fantastic.

Memorable Quote: "You've got to be shitting me, this happened more than once?"  - Police Officer 


  1. Yes, this was definitely a tough movie to sit through as well as a major "What the Fuck?!?" experience. I also agree about the excellent acting.


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