10 Times Movies/TV Have Made Me Instantly Buy Their Soundtracks

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Music moves us, so much so that sometimes after watching a film with a great soundtrack, The first thing I do afterwards is go buy their soundtrack.

10 Times Movies/TV Have Made Me Instantly Buy Their Soundtracks

1) Juno
Hipsters: The Movie actually had a really hip sound track. I had never heard of The Moldy Peaches before I saw this, and I'm glad I found them because I really enjoy their music. There's a lot of songs on this soundtrack that I wouldn't really have in my collection otherwise, and for that I am thankful

2) Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
There's a lot of great indie bands on this. My favorite is We Are Scientists. Plus Mark Mothersbaugh did Nick and Norah's theme, and I love everything he does.

3) The Dark Knight Rises
I loved this movie so much that I bought the soundtrack on iTunes while I was still standing in the theater lobby.

4) Kick Ass
Truth be told, I didn't like Kick Ass that much. Still, the movie had a great soundtrack. Plus the Banana Splits song is so insanely obnoxious that I love listening to it when I'm running.

5) Thirteen
Another one Mark Mothersbaugh scored. I loved the music in this movie. The Clinic's song sticks with me the most. Then there's Lemon by Katy Rose, that's a song she wrote for the movie specifically and it fits so well.

6) Drive
There's just something about Drive's 80's movie feel that I adore. The soundtrack helps. It's a good one to just chill out and listen to while doing nothing.

7) Beasts of the Southern Wild
I honestly would've been ok with this movie if it had no dialogue and only music.  The scene with Hushpuppy and the sparklers? Breathtakingly beautiful.

8) Slumdog Millionaire
I had Jai Ho stuck in my head after every award show that I watched that year. They played it every time Slumdog won something. (And they won a lot.) A. R Rahman has easily become one of my favorite composers. Speaking of which..

9) 127 Hours
Another one by A. R Rahman. Danny Boyle makes beautiful movies, and the music really intensifies it. I loved "Never Hear Surf Music Again" and "If I Rise."

10) Inception
This movie is pretty much perfect to me, and Hans Zimmer's score is part of the reason. In fact, I wish "The Dream is Collapsing" would play every time I walked into a room, angry.

Note - I've never purchased a soundtrack from a television show, but there's plenty of songs from show's opening credits that I've downloaded. Mainly True Blood, Rescue Me, Game of Thrones, and Mad Men's themes.


  1. Oh, TDKR soundtrack! I could listen to it all the time. The music in Inception was my favorite part of the whole movie :)

    The soundtracks for 2 seasons of Game of Thrones are always on repeat when I read the books from the series.

  2. I bought the Juno soundtrack as well, and I quite like Kimya Dawson now (I was so happy to see her singing on the Evening of Awesome livestream on youtube!)
    Another film that made me buy the soundtrack straight away was The Virgin Suicides. Saw the film, bought the CD the next day, listened on a loop for a couple of hours!

    1. It's been way too long since I've seen The Virgin Suicides. I think I need to revisit it.

  3. Love that you bought TDKR soundtrack in the lobby of the theater - that's priceless. I bought the DRIVE soundtrack the second I got home from the theater. And then I spent a lot of that weekend driving around my city at night, listening and thinking. Badass stuff.

  4. Nice picks. I did the same thing after seeing Drive and Slumdog Millionaire. I ordered the Drive soundtrack (I like CDs), and I bought Slumdog's soundtrack the same day I saw the film.


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