10 Times I Gave Into The Hype, And Was Left Satisfied.

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One of the best things about the movie blogging community is that you get a lot of great recommendations. In fact, I've gotten so many that it's almost hard to keep track. So, for this particular post, I tried to mix films/TV saw before I got in to blogging and some that started after.

10 Times I Gave Into The Hype, And Was Left Satisfied

1) Breaking Bad
I often say that this is the best TV decision I've ever made, because Breaking Bad is hands down the best show I've ever seen. I didn't have too many friends that watched it at the time. I just saw all the acclaim over the internet. But I have to say, it was worth waiting for Netflix to deliver the DVDs one by one. This show is fantastic. It has some of the best writing and acting I've ever seen and I swear some episodes give me anxiety issues. I just care about these characters so much.

2) True Blood
This one I have to blame on my co-workers. They are rabid book and TV show fans. I initially brushed them off. I'm not into the vampire fad. I can't stand Twilight and Vampire Diaries is far too soapy. But when I was graciously lent seasons 1 and 2 on DVD, I watched them (and the entire half of season 3 that was available OnDemand) in one weekend. I couldn't help it. This show is like crack. Even though season 5 really sucked compared to the rest, I will never quit this show.

3) Drive
This one was definitely because of the blogging community. I really had no intentions of seeing this, despite liking the lead actors enough. But then the reviews started pouring in, and I had to check it out. It was nothing like I expected it to be, and all in a good way.

4) Role Models
I'm fairly quick when it comes to judging comedies. I can usually tell by the trailer if I'll like something or not. When this hit theaters, I thought it looked insanely stupid. When I went to the theater to see Zack and Miri Make a Porno, that was sold out, so I went to this instead. My friend swore I would be pleased. He was right. This movie was hysterical and Zack and Miri was a let down.

5) Pulp Fiction
I know. It's almost embarrassing to admit that I originally had no intention to see Quentin Tarantino's past work. But friends kept pushing, and now I'm a Tarantino fanatic. I can't believe I was going to blow this movie off! Seriously, I suck sometimes.

6) Fight Club
This was another movie that was just kind of "there" to me. Eventually, I sat down to watch it, and even though the two people I was watching it with spoiled the ending about 5 minutes into the movie, I still liked it.

7) Skyfall
I have zero interest in Bond movies. In fact, Skyfall was the first one I actually sat through from start to finish. (Although I'm sure I've seen all of Casino Royale, just not at once) I'm so glad I went to this because Skyfall was awesome. I may not be fully sold on Bond as a whole, but I have no problem saying this was one of the better films of 2012.

8) Key and Peele
I can thank Twitter for getting me into Key and Peele. When I first saw the show myself, I thought "meh." But people kept retweeting their sketches, and I would occasionally check them out. It was worth it, because this show is hilarious. It reminds me a lot of Chapelle's Show, which I greatly miss. I didn't catch these two during their MADTV days, but I'm happy to watch them now. Check out their college football sketch. That's my favorite.

9) The Machinist
After Batman Begins came out. I was told that anyone that is a fan of Christian Bale's needs to see his work in this extremely underrated film. It's true, it's one of his best. And how the fuck did he not get an Oscar nomination for this?

10) Sherlock Miniseries
Another one, thanks to the blogging community. Benedict Cumberbatch is the best Sherlock I've ever seen. Same with Martin Freeman as Watson. I wasn't sure if a modern day Sherlock would work, but it's easily become my favorite adaptation of it. Cumberbatch and Freeman have AMAZING chemistry and I cannot wait for the next season. It's streaming instant on Netflix now, check it out. Seriously.


  1. Yay!! A list after my own heart!

    The Godfather, Sherlock, Pulp fiction! All great Movies and TV Shows. Skyfall is a return to typical Bond movies, after the wannabe Bourne movies preceding it (Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace).

    True Blood tarted off well, but now degenerated into nonsense.

    I find Fight Club too pretentious, but then I haven't really understood the movie! I found too many loopholes in it, Brittani.

    And that reminds me, I gotta watch Breaking Bad. I have heard too many good things about it...

    Great list, Brittani!

  2. Great post, Brittani. I haven't seen the first two shows you listed here but I kinda get the appeal. I do love Sherlock though, sooo brilliantly written & Benedict nailed it! Oh I so want to see The Machinist, I need to get to that soon!

  3. Awesome post and I'm glad you gave in and watch that stuff! I went through True Blood first two seasons really fast too, ah back then the show was so much fun.

    1. I know! I miss when True Blood was awesome. This last season was terrible.

  4. I originally had no intention of seeing Pulp Fiction or Fight Club either. It's amazing how much ones perspective can change!

  5. GREAT PICS! i haven't seen the sherlock series, but i totally cosign on the others!

  6. Great watches - all of them! I'm busy on the 2nd season of breaking bad now! So good!

    New follower! Love your blog!


  7. I'm right there with you on 'Skyfall'. It is also the only Bond movie I have ever seen from start to finish (fell asleep on the first one Craig did; never seen any of the other ones). Bond to me has always been just fantasy and male wish fulfillment in terms of hot cars, dastardly villains thwarted, and even hotter women; never really anything of real substance. Never been a Craig fan eith but did one was so so good (thanks in part to the brilliant Javier Bardem) and what I think was more about a focus on the internal struggles of Bond himself.

  8. I foolishly read your headline as "unsatisfied" and was like, "Pulp?!" "Drive?!" "Fight Club?!"

    Ha, anyway, great list. Glad these lived up to the hype!

  9. Pulp Fiction and Sherlock are two that I gave into. So glad I did!


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