10 Times Movies/TV Have Made Me Yell at the Screen

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Just to point out, I'm not one of those people that talks in movie theaters. However, sometimes in the comfort of my own living room (and after a little too much wine) I provide full commentary and am HILARIOUS. (or so I'm told..maybe..)

10 Times Movies/TV Have Made Me Yell at the Screen

1) Jigsaw gets up at the end of Saw
Myself and everyone else in the room yelled a collective "What the fuck!?" after he just casually gets up and walks out of the bathroom. Then there came the argument on whether the actor was actually lying there the whole time, or if they used a dummy.

2) Gus Fring's face gets blown off on the season 4 finale of Breaking Bad.
My baby was  just a few weeks old when this episode first aired. He had fallen asleep in my lap while I was watching this. Then Gus Fring, the man that always has the upper hand, finally gets what's coming to him. (Or at least what Walter White thinks he deserves) When he walks out of that room after the explosion, and the camera slowly pans to the side of his face that is gone, I screamed "HOLY SHIT" at the top of my lungs. I looked down, my baby was looking up at me with a confused look on his face and promptly started crying. I say "holy shit" quite a bit when I watch Breaking Bad, but I don't usually scream it. That episode was insane.

3) Jimmy Darmondy's death on Boardwalk Empire
This is a conversation my husband and I were having while watching this:
Me: (halfway through the episode) "I think they're going to kill Jimmy."
Husband: "No, they wouldn't do that. They would have no story."
Me: (the last 3 minutes of the episode) "Oh shit, I told you, he's going to shoot him."
Husband: "They can't...."
*Jimmy gets shot in the face*
Me and Husband in unison: "That was fucking stupid."

4) Eric Northman and Sookie finally have sex in True Blood.
"YES! YES! YES!" Seriously, I allow myself to go completely fan girl every now and then. When Sookie and Eric finally hook up in the 4th season of True Blood, after plenty of sexual tension and sexy dreams, I was happy. Plus Alexander Skarsgard is naked and that is just a beautiful thing.

5) Sophia comes out of the barn on The Walking Dead
The minute they showed the barn in an earlier episode, I knew she'd be in there. That didn't stop me from saying "Please don't be in the barn." "Please don't be in the barn." over and over as walkers slowly came out.

6) Walter Skinner shows up in X Files: I Want To Believe
Ok, so I did talk in the theater this time. Me, my dad, and a few other nerds all whispered "Yes!" at the same time when he finally made an appearance. I felt like such a loser.

7) When Funny Games decided they could just rewind their own movie.
This movie was pretentious to start with, then they fucking look us in the eye and REWIND THEIR OWN DAMN MOVIE. I was like "REALLY?" Still not a big fan of that one.

8) When the sheriff's wife is hiding under the bed on the X Files episode "Home."
This is the only episode of X Files that legitimately scared me when I was a kid. The whole time she's under the bed, I was just chanting to my TV: "Please don't find her!" They did. That was brutal.

9) Ron and Hermione kiss in Deathly Hallows part 2
So I didn't actually yell, but I clapped, along with the rest of the theater at the midnight showing. Even though it was done differently in the books, at the rate screen writer Steve Kloves was going, I half expected him to have Hermione kiss Harry instead. They left out so many cute moments between Ron and Hermione, I was just happy they finally let them have a good one. (Although really, they could've staged this better)

10) The Room. All of it. 
I asked myself "why?" aloud several times when I watching this. In fact, I asked this movie several questions as I watched it. "You can't seriously be this bad?" "What about that guy with the gun?" "Who wrote this shit?" "Who financed this shit?" "I think this LAMB tournament is trolling me."

In case you're not familiar with The Room, here's a 20 second clip that pretty much sums everything up.


  1. That Gus scene was quite shocking, I really appreciated all the clever foreshadowing like the teddy bear in the pool and the mask in Gale's apartment.

    Damn, I really need to catch up with The Walking Dead!

    1. The foreshadowing was awesome to look back on. That damn bear drove me nuts all season, trying to figure out what it meant.

  2. Outside of some sweet Harry Potter face sucking, I have seen very little on this list (the moment in Saw was awesome).

    That clip of The Room was INCREDIBLE. That's a level of awful, I'm not sure I'm ready for.

    1. It certainly is on it's own level of awful. But if you want to get super drunk before hand, then check it out. It could be hilarious under the influence.

  3. i totally agree with 2 and 5! those were omg moments for me too :)

  4. I am so glad I'm not the only person who yells at the screen. I am with you on many of these, especially #5 (No! NO! This had better not be going the way I think it's going. Oh shit!) and #6 (WTF? Just WTF???)

    And yes Alexander Skarsgard naked is a beautiful thing.

    1. Oops ... I meant #7 ... Funny Games rewinding was the WTF? Just WTF??? :)

  5. I completely understand why that Funny Games scene would frustrate the hell out of you. That scene is one of the reasons I love that movie so much, but I'm a twisted bastard.

    Also, your #10 made me laugh out loud. So so true.

    Great list!

  6. Haha. The Room is a perfect movie to yell at. It has to be good for something. :)


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