DVD Review: The Five Year Engagement

Save the date.

Tom (Jason Segel) is a chef in San Fransisco, CA. He meets Violet (Emily Blunt) at a costume party and they hit it off. Fast forward a year and they are engaged. The keep running into issues that end up postponing their wedding. Violet's sister (Played by Alison Brie with a terrible English accent) gets knocked up by Tom's friend. (played by Chris Pratt) Then, they end up getting married first. Then Violet gets her dream job in Michigan, forcing the couple to move. Tom hates it there. Conflicts start.

I think this movie could've been a bit shorter. I felt like it really dragged their time in Michigan out. Most romantic comedies should never run over two hours in my opinion. The ending, however was so cute and endearing that it made me forgive the slow pace. It was very unique, and fit the story well.

Segel and Blunt have excellent chemistry together, and it was easy to root for them as a couple. I could relate to some of their issues. This is a good one to watch if you want a happy ending.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B-

Memorable Quote: "I feel like I'm drinking out of Chewbacca's dick." - Alex (Chris Pratt)


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